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Equipment, Sales, Rentals, Repairs.

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OutBack Guides.com
Rent Our Equipment Or Repair Yours

We rent tents and canopies, and so much more, check out our Rentals
We have rented backpacking and camping equipment for over 40 years.
We closed due to wife's health in 2012. Now we are reopened.
We handle all light weight equipment plus camping gear, and kayaks, and we now offer satellite phones to rent by weekends or by the week. We rent two day minimum on all equipment. We also have a ministry for homeless here in Tulsa. So, we discount 10% if you bring in any ten cans of none perishable food items. And 20% for all scouts.

Our hours: Monday through Friday, Spring - Fall 9:30 am, we close just before sunset on ALL Fridays.

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Closed most holidays and all weekends.

We offer the use of free digital scales here in our warehouse, to weight your backpack and backpack items.
We do seminars at our warehouse, 40 years plus, on equipment and going into back country, and returning safe, where there's black bears Species - Grizzlies bears - and Kodiak bears (Archipelago) and yes polar bears. (Hypercarnivorous) They will be listed on our web.
We can get just about any high-end backpacking equipment. We have catalogs of tons of items, we can order it for you. Also, can help on any Freeze-dried food for any amount of days for your trip. Just need to know how many people, most like food, and most dislike food.

We repair most tents, backpacks & equipment, like installing new zippers, Marine zippers & coil zippers & water treatments for tents. With about a week turn around. We accept most credit cards.

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We can fit each person with Backpacking tents from one person to four persons. Three season tents to a four-season tent.

Camping tents from small to large.
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We can also fit each person with an internal & external backpack.
Sleeping bags from forty above to forty below.
Kids through adults. Call: 918 4465956 or Email me (outbackguides@gmail.com)
Our hours are:
Monday - Friday, Central time, spring & summer hours 9:30AM to 5:00 PM
Fall & Winter hours 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM
We close at sunset on all Fridays.

Are You looking for ideas where to go camping with your family on a tank full?
Are you into backpacking or day hiking and need to know some places?

Stop by our location in Tulsa, We will rent you our equipment or repair yours!
Call Billy at: 918.446.5956

I lost my best friend for now, my wife,
I know someday we will be together again when our God returns.



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